Public Parking

Kauai Lihue Airport is a public parking facility available across the streets from the terminals, where you can get a parking ticket from the automatic ticket dispenser at the entrance and keep it with you to show the cashier at the exit.

The first 15 minutes of parking there is free. Other parking rates include; $1 per 16-30 minutes, $3 per 31-60 minutes, $5 2 hours, $7 per 3 hours, $9 per 3 to 4 hours, $13 per 4 to 5 hours, and $15 per 5 to 6 hours. The daily rate is $15, while the monthly parking rate is $160 per month.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot

International passengers can call for pick up at the cell phone parking. Cars are not allowed unattended at the parking. It has a one-hour time limit for the lot. The cell phone parking is located near the international arrival at the International Arrival Building (IAB).