Lihue has the same security procedures as all international airports laid out and strictly followed by the TSA. For those who have been traveling through airport services, this is not new. These procedures comprise the conventional methods observed by a majority of domestic and international airports worldwide. Thus, all travelers are rigorously required to acquaint themselves with these rules and closely follow them.

TSA Security

Passengers don't necessarily have to go through Immigration when leaving the United States. People are required to fill in the immigration card, which will be handed to the airport staff, especially if their flight is not domestic. If you don't follow this procedure, you will be delayed at the port of entry.

The Lihue airport security wait times are different and can change contingent upon a couple of components, including extreme weather conditions, TSA staffing, airport development, etc. Utilizing modern technology, wait times at Lihue airport are anticipated, notwithstanding that extreme outliers are inside five minutes in precision, as approved by huge US airlines.

Departure Time

The TSA requires that all travelers should arrive at the airport an hour ahead of scheduled flight departures and has made accessible security checkpoint wait time information as a manual to ease travel plans. Since the airport is hardly populated, TSA wait times are very short as compared to other airports. Note that each airline has a recommended arrival time and essentially stricter required appearance times.

All airlines additionally request that you arrive at the check-in counter, the flight's departure gates, and in your assigned seat early before the flight's arranged departure time. The standard of arrival time

Legal Documents

All passengers at Lihue airport are obligated to present legal identification. While on a national trip, only a valid national ID card will be required to board the flight, an international flight, requires a valid international passport and a valid US visa for non-US citizens. At all security posts (passport control), checkpoints, and boarding gates, passengers are required to provide their legal passports and IDs. It is important to have your legal documents with you consistently to maintain a strategic distance from embarrassment.

Security Checkpoints

Before you are allowed access into the traveler concourses at Kauai Lihue Airport, you must pass through a TSA checkpoint. That is where you and your carry-ons are screened for prohibited items.

The first phase of security is face-to-face with trained TSA agents who use ultraviolet scanners to screen for falsified or altered legal identification. The scanners are sophisticated and intelligent enough to detect explosives or other threats that could be inside a passenger's carry-on. It is important to note that all baggage going to and from Hawaii is subject to agricultural inspection.

Reduce the pressure from your travel by planning for airport security prior to your arrival.

The LIH checkpoints open from 12:00 am to 8:00 pm every day for security checks. TSA encourages passengers to arrive 2 hours before scheduled takeoff time for domestic flights and 3 hours before scheduled departure for international flights.