Car Rentals

The cheapest way of going around the island is by renting a car. As earlier noted, taxis are too costly. And to avoid the lines and save your time at the car rental office, it is advisable to make car rental reservations online. However, if you were traveling in pairs and didn't make an online reservation, one of you could go pick up your bags at baggage claim while the other jumps out to rent a car or an airport shuttle.


Avis works 24 hours every day and offers a wide variety of vehicle options. The costs range from $50 depending on the vehicle model. They have Vans, SUVs, luxury cars, for both short and long-term rental. It is advisable to make reservations online to avoid queuing up after a long journey.

You can find Avis car rental service in front of the airport, watch the overhead signs as you get close to the airport for car rental services. There is additionally a vehicle rental transport at the pickup section of LIH. At the airport car rental office, you can pick whichever vehicle model you need for short or long-term use. For more information, get in touch with them at


Hertz welcomes everyone to hire very comfortable cars at affordable rates. You can rent a car online from one of their locations. They have more than 90 years of experience in car and van rentals, exploit their enormous car rental selection and make your reservation on their website in a split second.

With all the best offers and arrangements on cars, you can find, and the choice to pay online or in-person is yours. You can reserve and pay upon arrival. Hertz is the best spot to rent your car.

Start your booking procedure utilizing the reservation framework or look at most recent vehicle rental offers and van contract advancements that are as of now accessible. For more information, contact them on their website:


Budget car rental gives a few premium programs to its clients. The cost of renting a car with a budget range between $ 8 every day and $ 25 per week. Besides, the organization offers an enormous assortment of vehicle models.

For more data about leasing vehicles at LIH, visit their site and reserve a spot and pick whichever vehicle is ideal for you. They offer both short and long-term rental services to travelers at their office. They are located in front of the airport.

For more information, contact; 1 210-824-0737.