Automated Passport Control (APD)

At LIH, there is the Automated Passport Control (APD) booth that enables passengers to follow on-screen instructions to submit their passports, fingerprints, and have your photograph taken. Answer all the questions on the screen to complete your customs declaration. There is a language selection option on the screen. Also, you are required to present your passport to the customs officer if you are traveling with $10,000 or more in cash for declaration. International passengers have to fill in and hand the immigration card to the border control officers on duty.

CBP Security Procedures

CBP agents monitor and check the passport and legal documentation of each passenger. All air travelers are obligated to present legal identification. While on a national trip, only a valid national ID card will be required to board the flight, an international flight, requires a valid international passport (especially for passengers under a visa waiver program), a valid visa issued by the state for travel. All baggage going to and from Hawaii is subject to agricultural inspection. After the customs clearance area, there is baggage claim A and B, ATM, and other airport services.